Guardianships and Conservatorships

A guardian and conservator is a person, often a family member) appointed by a judge to make decisions for an adult who because of mental incapacity or illness is unable to manage their property, finance health care or living arrangements. It is often in the moment of crisis that failures in, or the absence of advanced directives and powers of attorney become known. In this situation, Arizona law enables the Courts to step in and fill the void through the creation of a guardianship or a conservatorship. Once appointed by the Court, a guardian may help manage the protected person’s health care needs, medical appointments and housing. A conservator may help manage the protected person’s finances, investments and property.

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The Probate Process

Probate was designed as a straightforward process to ensure that bills are paid and property titles are transferred accurately. However, even with the best planning and advice, we may need to apply for clarification from the courts to resolve estate matters.

In cases where there is no planning or financial exploitation, our insight, intensity, and follow-through become mission-critical.

With the constantly changing probate code and rules, it is essential to update your wills and trusts. You should also consider more cost-effective alternatives as part of your comprehensive life planning strategy.

Appointing a Guardian for Your Children

Your will allows you to make crucial decisions about the future care of your minor children, especially if you are a single parent. You can also make arrangements for the care of your pets and name a guardian to assume responsibility for them.

It will also apply in the event that both parents die in a common incident. If you have not named a guardian for your children, the court appoints one who may make decisions contrary to your wishes.

Ensuring the Well-Being of Incapacitated Adults

When creating your estate plan, the care of the most vulnerable members of your family should be your priority. We guide you in making vital decisions about the financial support, protection, and guardianship of developmentally disabled or physically challenged adults.

We also help similarly disadvantaged children who face an uncertain future if left to their own devices. Early planning can save probate court costs and legal fees, helping to protect your entire family.