Probate and Trust Litigation

If your family has a history of fighting over the holidays, there’s a good chance the family feud can get worse after the death of a loved one. Family tensions can boil over and can lead to a lawsuit. We understand that sometimes litigation is the only resolution. We fight hard for our clients in court.

Probate and Trust Litigation disputes include contested wills, improper disbursement of estates, and other issues concerning the personal representative or trustee. If you feel that your trustee is acting improperly, we can help you. We will listen to you and advise you on a strategy to accomplish your goals. We may advise to petition the court to remove the trustee or to surcharge the trustee. On the other hand, if a beneficiary of a trust or will removes or damages the trust or estate property we are ready to represent the trustee or personal representative in a suit against the beneficiary.

Will contests occur in various forms. One type is where the person making the will has been unduly influenced by someone in the making of the will. Another type is where the person making the will did not have the legal capacity to sign a will.


We are very experienced in these matters and we will prepare you by mapping out pre-litigation strategies, review documents and analyze potential risks. We then apply creative problem solving to obtain a favorable resolution for the client. We understand Arizona probate law and are able to assist with a full range of probate matters.